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Papa's Promise         
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Nathan O’Shaughnessy’s family life is normal until his wife of forty-five years, Romayne, passes away, then all tranquility goes down the drain. Because of their daughter's emotional problems, Nathan makes a death bed promise, he'll keep an eye on the grandchildren. 

His grandchildren, Greg and Colleen stopped at a local convenience store and were caught in a gun fight between the clerk and two gang bangers. Greg died on the spot. Colleen sat on the floor with her brother’s blood spattered head cradled in her lap. She clamped her eyes shut tight, fighting desperately to erase the ghastly nightmare from her mind.   

When Colleen is released from the hospital, Nathan and her parents are informed, by her Psychologist and family doctor, that only ample amounts of time and love may rectify the situation. Unknown to Nathan, his daughter has a substance abuse problem and his son-in-law doesn’t want to face up to his parental responsibilities. Nathan chastises them, moves Colleen into his house and employs a nurse, Carolyn Carson, to help him take care of her.

At Greg’s funeral, Colleen throws herself atop the coffin, apologizing profusely, blaming herself for his death.

At home, she informs Nathan she will not rest until she has killed the gang banger that put her brother in the ground. Nathan promises Colleen he’ll help her in her quest for justice.

Detective James Burton, who had a partner murdered by gang bangers in a trash filled, urine infested alley in South Central LA, while working for the LAPD, is assigned the case and is determined to find the killers to atone for his inability to apprehend the ones who murdered his partner years ago.

Colleen asks Nathan if he will teach her how to use his hand gun. He tells her no, as he believes she wants to learn for all the wrong reasons. He tells her after she recuperates, and is given a good bill of health from both her doctors he will consider it. He prays the killer will be apprehended before that happens.

Colleen talks her best friend, Sarah, who’s father is a big wig in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, to teach her how to use a hand gun. Sarah takes her to the local gun range and teaches her gun safety and how to use a .38 police special and a .45 automatic. Colleen is obsessed with the idea that she must administer steel jacket justice to the killer of her brother.

When Nathan attends a funeral of one of his fire department buddies, Colleen and Sarah search the house for Nathan’s guns and the key to Greg’s Honda. They find the key in Romayne’s jewelry case but the gun is secure in Nathan’s gun cabinet. Sarah has a duplicate car key made for Colleen.

After Burton tells Nathan he won’t abide any vigilante justice screwing up his investigation, Nathan and Colleen start to track down the killers on their own.

Colleen thinks Nathan is procrastinating. So, after she finds out the shooters address from Nathan, who received a ‘Deep Throat’ call from an unknown friend, she steals Greg’s Honda, in the middle of the night, and heads toward the killer’s house. When Nurse Carson finds Colleen missing, she awakens Nathan and they head after her.

Detective Burton is staking out the house, and watches Colleen arrive, followed closely by her mother. A fight erupts between Colleen, her mother, and the killer, who is also Colleen’s mother’s drug dealer. The fight spills out into the front yard. Burton intervenes and bullets fly. Nathan and Nurse Carson are only minutes behind. As the tention mounts, and they fight to obtain their own agenda's, the repercussions expand in rapid fire succession as they all come together in the exciting, unexpected climax.

Along the way, you will meet such unforgettable characters as Jill and Quentin Mueller, Jimmy Woo, Jamaal Johnson, Claude Smith, Mama Pearl, Nurse Carolyn Carson, Crime Lab Techs Laura Lynn Meeks and Jason Gibbs, and Gypsy, the loveable cat.




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