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CapnMosh's Place

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                   Smoke Gets In Their Eyes  
Hannah fights to prove she can survive in a male dominated profession   
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Does a woman belong in the fire service? Can she handle the blood and the guts and the gore? 

Hannah is a naive, somewhat gullible young lady who, after saving the life of an elderly customer at work, is told by a fire captain that the City of Vinedale is looking for minority applicants. After hearing a bald, pot bellied fireman tell the captain, "Man, you know a woman can't cut it as a firefighter, got no upper body strength. They'd just screw up the pooch." She decides then and there to apply and prove him wrong.

Hannah applies, passes the written test, physical agility test, oral interview by the Chief of the Vinedale Fire Department and two captains from other departments, places third on the eligibility list, and is accepted. Armed only with a sweet disposition and a perchance toward pleasing others, she is ill equipped to succed in a macho environment. Her roommate, Joanne, a perky and feisty optimist,  guides her in slyly overcoming her problems. Hannah's twenty-eight year old captain, a self proclaimed bachelor, slowly and begrudgingly accepts her. Eventually he becomes more than just her captain.  As the novel reaches its climax, Hannah saves the life of her engineer by making a life and death decision that almost costs her to lose her own.



Mary Frances (Penn)  "I loved the descriptive first chapter. It really grabbed me from the start. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading it."

Pat & Ray (Co) "We read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Ray couldn't put it down and finished it in  a little over a day. We felt like we were in the story with your detailed description of places, people and things. Good Job."

Carrie Anne (Ca) "Hey, I loved it. Keep up the good work. It's looking pretty fabulous--just like me."

Patricia  (Ca) "I thoroughly enjoyed your book "Smoke gets in their eyes." Your knowledge of firefighting made the book that much more realistic. Good luck. Keep writing."

Jim (South Carolina) "Simply outstanding. You never cease to amaze me--you old fart."

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